I’m Larry Burton of Beyond Creation. And today I’m going to discuss: “Why Sports Photography”. I absolutely enjoy sports photography. Coming up as a young man, I played sports from age 12 until 18. Sports provided discipline in my life my forcing me to practice, listen to the coach, and becoming a team player. I absolutely love sports and actually believe that sports photographers are special individuals. We must know the game in order to anticipate the next move from the players. So as a photographer I have an important responsibility of capturing moments in time. Parents, players, coaches, spectators, recruiters, and scouts are there just to watch these athletes. But photographers have to capture the exact moment and freeze it in time.

Sports Photography

The excitement of the players, practice, and sweat equity the athletes put in for the game they love.  Most players are trying to make it to the next level. I believe sports photographers have a unique position to be able to capture these athletes in their best moments to display themselves to the entire world. So I absolutely love sports photography. It’s something I do for a living, but it’s also something I’m a passionate about as well. Sports photography is a great responsibility, but I take it with ease and pride because I understand being an athlete on the field and you have to make the play.

Sports Photographers

We have the responsibility of capturing moments that may never happen again. So it’s a privilege and an honor to be a sports photographer. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, from basketball, from football to baseball, swimming, track, volleyball, you name me, hockey or any sport. You have to know the game. You have to understand the game, and you have to predict certain moments before the play happens.

Athletes also are photographed in studio for marketings, branding, and advertisement.  This allows sports photographers to capture athletics unique qualities, visquic, swag, and personality. Sports photography shouldn’t be pursued solely on financial gain because it will manifest in your images. The look on the faces of parents, coaches, family and friends and even the athletic when they view their images gives me great joy. Knowing I was apart of their life is refreshing.