Data Analysis Consultant

The Importance of Data Consultants and Analysts

Digital marketing has revolutionized the business world. It is no longer business as usual in marketing since most businesses want to understand customer habits, trends, and purchasing decisions.

Imagine having two products in the market that do the same job? You realize that product A moves faster than product B? The easiest way to know whether to discontinue product B or find out why people prefer product A is by using a data consultant and analyst.
Your websites, social media pages, and all the other marketing platforms that you use to promote your brand are filled with information. If this information is appropriately analyzed and interpreted, it will help you be able to know who to target and what to improve. You will then tailor-make your products and services based on the analysis.


It is useless for your business to collect data and not know what to do with the information. You can only use the information collected once you have analyzed the data, and that is where Data Consultants and Analysts come in.

What is the role of a data analyst in an organization?


Most data analysts will perform the below duties, whether hired on a full-time basis or working as consultants: –

  1. Extracting of Data

One of the first tasks that a data analyst does is to mine raw data from all the sources used by the organization to collect data.

  1. Cleaning of Data

This is the process of removing all data that may not be necessary for the business.

  1. Analyzing Data

Once the data analyst has extracted and cleaned the data, they will analyze and interpret the data so that it can be useful to the business.

  1. Creating reports

A good analyst tells a story about your business using the most straightforward language. By looking at the charts and graphs used to create reports, you should be able to know the position of your business quickly.

  1. Storing and maintaining of data

A competent data consultant and analyst will ensure that the data extracted is stored and maintained in a way that it can be available when required. They are required to design a database that works for your organization.

How to Interpret Data

There are four ways used by most Data Consultants and Analysts to add value to your business.

  • Analyze by examining past – descriptive

These types of analysts work by examining the past to help in predicting the future. They might use your past sales, check your new website flow, or quarterly revenue for analysis. They then identify a trend and use it to give advice.

  • Analyze by detecting problems– diagnostic

Once data consultants have analyzed the past, they will need to consider why some things happened and establish if there are any patterns on the happenings. Your business is then able to use the analysis to determine the reason for a positive or negative result.

  • Analyzing by forecasting outcomes – predictive

If you want to make pro-active actions instead of waiting until your business is at a critical stage, you need to forecast the outcome of your decisions.

Are you wondering whether one of your biggest clients is going to renew his contract? Use the services of data analysts to know whether you need to reach out to the client to renew the contract before they go to your competitors.

  • Analyzing by recommending results – prescriptive

Once your data consultant and analyst has used the three ways to analyze your data, to help you stay ahead of your competitors, he should give recommendations.

This will help you address all potential issues and loopholes in your business. This type of analysis requires an expert who can combine the algorithms and technology to give correct recommendations. Some experts use machine learning and other technologies to help them get accurate information.

How will a Data consultant and analyst help your business?

The main reason why you are in business is to make profits. One way of making a profit is by understanding your business and the market.

A data consultant and analyst will help you by doing the following for you: –

  1. Help you understand your business

A data analyst will go through data that is available online and interpret it (the data) with a view to giving you professional advice on how you can improve performance and solve problems.

The analyst will also use the data collected to help you understand your market target and their purchasing behavior. This information will be critical to your production since you will be able to know what to improve when to sell and who to sell to. This will help you avoid double-guessing on your products.

  1. Help you make decisions

Are you afraid of making major decisions in your business because you are not sure if they are right? Worry no more and hire the services of a data analyst. You will make every decision about your company based on evidence.

Whether you want to introduce new products, target new customers, change products, a data analyst will ensure that you make better decisions.

  1. Eliminate the “What Ifs”

What if I am making a mistake, and this does not work? What if I should have done this and not that? To avoid all the “what ifs,” a data consultant and analyst will test and measure the outcomes of your decisions and advise you if it benefits your business.

Once you realize the need to make a decision, you will be sure of not making costly mistakes since you will have known the outcome of your choice in advance.


Most organizations have realized the importance of data consultants and analysts to help them make important decisions, improve performance, and solve their business issues.

Organizations are, therefore, relying heavily on data to enable them to make sound business decisions.

Whether you want to get into new markets, target new customers, develop new products, a data analyst will help you make decisions by assessing or probabilities based on raw data collected.