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The Issues associated with Standard Experiences Online

Most brands provide online experiences that no longer accommodate the way consumers prefer to shop. As real-time continues to rise, the consumers’ expectations have evolved. A need for online services have grown extensively.

Unlike years ago, today, you can order a wide range of products and services online – such as groceries or a ride to the airport – and schedule it to arrive at your door fairly quickly.

Present day buyers have a high level of expectation of being able to get what they want, when they want it. However, not all businesses have caught on. Some major gaps between buyer expectations and the reality of the experiences businesses are providing still exist.

One major concern is the need for speed. Speed is one of the primary reasons today’s consumers prefer chat assistance over completing forms.

Researchers have determined: Generally about 11% of survey respondents expect immediate responses from forms, however that number increases to 42% in comparison to chatbots.

Further research has determined, people have expectations of chatbot response times which are nearly identical to their expectations for response times for face-to-face interactions.

The top 3 frustrations people are experiencing online presently:

  1. Receiving timely answers to simple questions.
  2. Navigating difficult websites. 
  3. Researching basic information about a business (ie. address, hours of operation, or methods of contact).

Beyond Creation can implement a custom chat-bot which allows you to work other aspects of your business.   

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